Liberia: VP Taylor Admits to Hardship in Liberia, But Says the Govt is Making Gains

Our Correspondent September 12, 2022

Monrovia – Liberia’s Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has admitted that the country is faced with challenges. However, amid all the challenges, she is hopeful that the Weah-led administration is making some gains.

Madam Taylor told journalists on Thursday that despite the many challenges the government is faced with, it remains focused on developing the country.

“These are challenging times. And in history, challenging times test the soul of men and it is in these challenging times that the great miracle is born. It is something across the world and not only in Liberia,” Vice President Taylor said.

She added: “However, we will continue to work for our people and nation. We will do all in our power to keep the focus on the national goals.”

Madam Taylor, speaking on the issue of the census, acknowledged the irregularity surrounding the conduct of the census. She, however, assured the people of Liberia and their development partners that the process of the conduct of census is on course and that challenges are being dealt with amicably.

The Vice President further stressed that the conduct of the census is not a daily thing. She said, it is a process that requires 10 days of completion, she said.

Madam Taylor added that for the first time the country will be conducting a census that is digitalized.

She added that the issues of electronic gadgets and financial payment for enumerators are some of the challenges that are hampering the smooth conduct of the census. All of these Madam Taylor added are now being resolved.

According to Madam Taylor, field data collection has begun in many places around the country.

She added: “As of yesterday, the field data collection has begun in many places. Those places have difficulties, as I speak deployment is going on. And given the 10 days period that is allowed, everyone will be counted.”

Despite all of the irregularities at the start of the counting process, the Liberian Vice President said she is optimistic that the census will be conducted within the given time.

“Life is not 100 percent, but I believe that we can do anything humanly possible,” Madam Taylor said.

She added: “Whether the President was counted or not, let us wait until we get to the final counting. I’m sure that before we are done with the census every well-meaning Liberian will be counted.”


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